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Dear Santa Richard,

The new belt is a show piece all by itself. Very classy.

Santa Ron Campbell

North Carolina







Dear Santa Richard,

Incredible!  Fabulous!  Marvelous!  Superb!  Fantastic!  Terrific!  Magnificent!  Sensational!  Super!  Given the adjectives that the purveyors of goods and services use to entice potential consumers to purchase their products, it is understandable that the American public, including myself, treat such claims with wariness.  Thus you can appreciate why I doubted that a belt I ordered from a company named Awesome Santa Belts would be truly awesome.  Indeed, upon opening the package and removing the solid brass SANTA buckle on my style 302 belt, the first word that came to mind was “awesome.”  The belt is a wonderful example of how a skilled craftsman can convert high quality materials into a beautiful product. Thank you very, very much.

Santa Larry

I’ve just opened your shipment and I’m in awe!  This is magnificent.  My God, just look at this buckle, it’s beautiful.  I wanted a look with originality…a look that would be an authentic looking Santa, and man, did I ever get it, and it fits to a T.  Thank you so much for the great job and highest degree of promptness and professionalism which gives a great deal of honor to the title “Santa Richard.”

Santa William Jones
Southport, Florida

Ahoy Santa Richard,
Handsome! Impressive! Unique, truly unique!  The belt and buckle, which arrived today, are superior tributes to your crafts — my wife is impressed. I will thrill you with a photo of the buckle and belt in action at Christmas.  Dang!  Christmas is still barely more than six months away — I can’t wait. Again, thank you so very much. You may count on me to recommend you to friends who should inquire for such services.
Santa Bruce  Pensacola, Florida

“A Priority mail box arrived…and by the feeling of the weight of the box, I knew that I had purchased quality.  Upon opening the box, and seeing how well my new belt was packaged, I knew again, I was dealing with pure quality.  When I unwrapped the bubble wrap, I could smell the thick, beautiful, pure black leather.  When I removed the massive buckle…it was a feast for the eyes that I have never seen!  All I can say is that if the real Santa…were to be in the market for a new belt, this is what he would invest in.  The Santa Richard belts scream quality, old world craftsmanship, authenticity and pride.  Both for Santa Richard and the Santa who wears one!  I could not be happier with my new Santa Richard belt.  I will order another style, but the hard part is deciding which one.”
Santa Steve
Baltimore, MD

“OK, you have now impressed me beyond belief! I received my style 302 Santa belt and opened the box here at work at my desk, and there were audible gasps from my coworkers when I slid it out of the protective bag. The workmanship is beautiful. I am truly grateful to you for your efforts in creating this magnificent belt.”
Santa Craig

” I received my new Santa belt today and I couldn’t be more pleased. I will wear it with pride and I will let other Santas know where I purchased this fine piece of art work. God bless you and your company.”
Santa Tom

“Just wanted to let you know that I received my new belt and it looks great! Thanks for your efforts!”
Santa Craig

“I wanted to thank you so very much for making my new Santa belt and buckle…I hated wearing that cheap damaged buckle I had, and when your buckle and belt arrived, I was just absolutely thrilled and could devote my attention to being the best Santa I could be for the children rather than feeling self-conscious and keeping my hand over the damaged buckle. To say that the buckle and belt are gorgeous is a vast understatement. The difference in my Santa appearance, from wearing your boot buckles, boot bells, and Santa buckle and real leather belt, was just enormous…the many parents and who complimented me, and their sparkling-eyed children, were immensely pleased to have a ‘Real Santa’ to visit with.”
Santa Pelham

“Just a quick note to let you know the belt arrived today. It’s beautiful! I can’t wait to wear it in December.”
Santa Kevin

“Thanks for your timely delivery of my Santa Boots Cuff set. They made the boots I was wearing look like real boots St. Nick would wear. My costume and I were a big hit …I am considering one of your fine Santa belts for next Christmas.”
Santa Alex

“I just love the new belt. I really needed one, and have gotten several nice comments about it. The workmanship is excellent, and I have not seen one like it before. Keep up the good work!”
Santa David

“Thank you for getting it done so soon. The Santa belt was all he wanted for Christmas. He saw your belts in the Santa book he bought from you. He has had so many compliments on the other Santa products he bought from you a few months ago.”

“You have absolutely made my day!!! I will now be busting out with happiness that I will make such a sharp Santa with Santa Richard boot buckles, boot bells, pant cuffs, and gorgeous knockout belt and buckle.”
Santa Bradley

“Thank you! I really like the belt I ordered first (your number 101, with the big rectangular SANTA buckle). The visual effect is absolutely stunning, and I’ve gotten compliments from practically everyone who has seen it. I will be ordering the 3″ version (number 106) of the same belt & buckle.”
Santa Karl

“I received the belt today. It is beautiful!!. I will be wearing my suit for photos. There will be quite a few Santas there to see the belt.”
Santa Bennie

“I received the belt you made for me…and I must say ‘AWESOME’! This is and the boot jingle bells are really great additions to my suit. Thanks so much for the incredible accessories.”
Santa Jim

“It was a pleasure doing business with such a wonderful person as yourself.”

“We liked your selection best…so it was time to place our order.”
Santa Steve

“It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Santa Dan and I are both very impressed by the professional manner in which you conduct your business.”

“We just received the #202 belt, and immediately my wife ran to get into her hoops and put on one of her belle skirts. She has always been stunning in her various costumes, but to say that the belt is 100% perfect – is an understatement.
She is so happy with your product that mere words can not express it. She has been wearing the whole rig for over an hour already, oo-ing, ah-ing and giggling like a school girl!

Well, we can hardly wait for our next engagement to hear people’s responses to our matching Santa belts! We will send along a photo if you like!

Thank you so much for such superior products. They are worth twice what you charge, but I am so glad you don’t! o<{} 🙂
God bless you, and thank you!”

Mr. & Mrs. Santa Paul Sheehan

Dear Santa Richard,

I just received the #391 SC/3D Santa belt that I ordered from you! Opening the box felt like Christmas morning. The first thing that impressed me was the weight of the belt and buckle. Once I unwrapped the belt and opened the red bag enclosing the buckle I was in awe at the quality of the workmanship. You always wonder when you order something on line if it is truly going to be as it is described in the literature. But I can truly say, from my point of view, this belt and buckle are worth every penny I spent. I’m very pleased and am sure this will help me to be the “Santa” I have been trying to be for years.

Thanks again,
Santa Rich

I ordered my Santa belt on the website and was told it would be shipped that same day and imagine my surprise when the mailman brought it two days later to NC.  I opened the box and I felt like a kid wanting to see what Santa brought me.  I slid the belt out of the red bag and my goodness; I was overwhelmed.  It was  beautiful on the website; in person there are few words that give it justice.  It was magnificent truly a piece of art.  It completes my suit for this year and I am forever a fan of Santa Richard.  You can buy a belt anywhere, but these belts are the ultimate in craftsmanship and something you will be extremely proud to wear.  All I can say is, Santa Richard, I am a big fan.  Santa Robert

Just want you to know that I am very pleased with my new addition to my Santa outfit. The belt truly is a piece of art and something that will last generations with cherished memories.  Thank you very much.   Sincerely, Maureen

Before ordering I considered all of the buckles being offered by others and then said to myself why would I ever consider a buckle not made by Santa Richard? I have had so many kids point at my buckle and say he’s the real Santa! My wife has one of your beautiful Mrs Claus buckles and her Santa Sam dress. You are an invaluable resource and friend to us all!  Santa John

I would just like to Thank Santa Richard for his dedication and devotion to keeping the spirit of Santa and Christmas alive. I purchased a 390 and it is of the highest quality you will ever see in a custom made accessory. A real signature piece for the serious Santa. I highly recommend this product.   Santa Paul

I just received my new Santa belt today.  First….what incredibly fast service!  I never expected it to arrive so soon.
Second…WOW!  The minute I removed the bubble wrap the aroma of pure leather was almost intoxicating.  When I got a glimpse of the red bag wrapped up in the belt, my excitement grew…  What beautiful craftsmanship!  Now I really feel like Santa!  The large 4″ belt looks like a belt rather than the cheap vinyl stuff imported from China.  There is certainly no comparison to the belt buckle you make and the ones attached to the $25 ones stamped out in mass production.  I am ecstatic with my new Santa belt and I will treat it with the care it deserves.  You certainly must be proud of the work you do and it is obvious how much you care about the work you do.  Thank you so much!   Santa Herb

Just a quick  note to let you know that I have received the “AWESOME” Belt and Buckle that you It’s so nice know that there are still some high quality craftsmen  out there. It is so caringly  created.  I will wear it proudly….hoping you have a wonderful Christmas.  Thanks again.   Santa John

Dear Santa Richard:   Thank you for the exceptionally well-crafted Santa belt and buckle.  Santa Palmer