ASB Story

Many years ago, I made a big investment in a new, custom made-to-measure Santa suit, then searched far and wide for a quality Santa belt. However, all I could find were the tinny, stamped buckles with plastic belts. I decided I would try to sketch one and see if I could build one out of real brass and heavy-duty leather since I like working with my hands.

When my creation was finished, I was proud of what I had done and took it with me to our January Santa luncheon. When I held it up to show the Santas there, someone said: “Wow, where did you get that? I want one!” That was the beginning of Awesome Santa Belts, which now produces quality products for the professional Santa.

Several years ago my son, Rick, graciously took over the business. Rick has brought our products to the next level of quality. Rick's work ethic is impeccable, you will love his work. He personally builds each and every one by hand in his workshop to the highest standards. My promise to you is that he will never ship any product to you that I would not be proud to wear myself! Visit the Testimonial section to see the comments we have received from my Santa customers/friends.

Awesome Santa Belts

How They Are Made?

I start with downloading my product computer designs to a computer-controlled hydro cutting machine. Next comes the brazing on the backside of the buckle for the prongs and steel loop to attach the belt onto the buckle.

Next comes many stages of polishing to put a shiny finish on the buckle, good enough to use as a mirror to shave by, if you ever decided you wanted to shave again! Next comes the baked on powder coating process that seals the buckle and prevents oxidization and tarnishing. This gives you a beautiful no-polish finish. When you look your best, you will have high self-confidence to do your best as Santa!

Awesome Santa Belts
The 1/8" solid brass is pressed to perfectly fit your "cookie zone"

The solid brass is shaped for a nice contour to fit nicely over Santa’s ‘cookie zone.’

Awesome Santa Belts

Each brass buckle is polished to a mirror finish, then treated with powder coating for a permanent no-polish finish.


The Santa buckles are crafted with a welded prong to keep the buckle perfectly aligned.


The baked on powder coating process seals the buckle to prevent oxidization and tarnishing. This gives you a beautiful, no-polish finish


Your buckle is now ready for our rigorous inspection, before shipping to you.