Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be putting your buckles on sale, since you are closing your business?

Unfortunately, no. We believe that the value of your buckle will only increase as these are the last buckles made by us.

What is your return policy?


1. All custom product sales are final — we are unable to accept returns on custom belts and boot buckles, as they are made to measure for your specific measurements. If you receive a damaged custom product, then contact our customer support – awesomesantabelts@gmail.com – within 15 days of receiving the order. For approved damaged product, you will receive an exact duplicate. No substitutions allowed.

What is the ‘COOKIE ZONE’ measurement?

Put on your Santa coat, and any padding you wear and give me an accurate measurement right around your tummy.

What are the buckles made from?

The buckles are crafted from 1/8" solid brass, and are sealed with powder coating to prevent oxidization and tarnishing. This gives you a beautiful no-polish finish.

Do you punch extra holes in the belt?

I punch an additional 7 holes before and 7 holes aft on the belt to allow for any size fluctuations that you might have.

Your Santa products look really nice on your website. Just how good is the quality?

I am a nitpicker for producing high quality products by hand in my workshop. I don’t farm any production out to anybody else. As mentioned earlier, I use only 1/8" solid brass and the highest quality of heavy-duty leather. My customers have told me that my products reflect an ‘old world’ level of craftsmanship and excellence. My promise to you is that I will never ship an order that contains a product that I would not be proud to wear myself!

I am not comfortable with using my credit or debit card for online purchases. Is there another way to pay for my purchase?

Yes, there is. You may choose to mail me either a USPS Postal Money Order or a bank cashier’s check for payment. Email me with your order request, and I will give you all the details and my mailing address.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Orders will be shipped in 7-9 days. You will receive a confirmation email soon after we receive your order. After shipping, International orders usually require 12-14 days to clear customs and arrive.

What kind of leather do you use?

I select only the finest quality heavy-duty buffalo and cowhide to ensure that your new Santa belt will last a lifetime.

Who ships orders for you?

I use USPS insured Priority Mail, which usually takes three business days to arrive. International orders are shipped via USPS Global Priority Airmail.

Who processes your credit and debit card orders for approval?

Orders placed on my website are processed and approved by PayPal using an encrypted, safe system for keeping your credit and debit info secure. PayPal sends you an email confirmation that your sales has been approved, and I send you an email confirmation giving you a ship date for your order.

How long have you been building Santa products?

In 1997, I purchased my first custom Santa suit and could not find a quality Santa belt anywhere online. I decided to sketch one and see if I could build one since I love to work with my hands. My new Santa belt turned out very nice, and when I showed it to my Santa friends, they said: “Where did you get that?” That was the beginning of my new venture to produce quality Santa products.

In 2016, my son, Rick, took over the business. He has taken our products to the next incredible level of quality, as well as some new designs.